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PINNACLE POWER SYSTEMS CLEANING, a division of Pinnacle Power Washing, LLC, is first and foremost committed to our dedication in providing our customers with the best possible fire-prevention service available in the industry. We do this by removing the build-up of flammable grease and oil-based residues that accumulate over time in the kitchen exhaust system from cooking-related vapors.

Through our membership with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), we dedicate ourselves to help educate our customers of the dangers present in the grease ducts. And we eliminate the danger to people and property by keeping current and certified with NFPA standards.






Every time we come out to service your account, we will clean your:

Kitchen Hoods

• Horizontal & Vertical Grease Ducts

• Grease Fan & Fan Blades

• Grease Filters

We also put a lot of effort in the clean-up process to be certain that it is free from any cleaning residue from the actual cleaning process.

If we find that your facility is not compliant with the NFPA #96, we will inform you of this and help make recommendations as to what is needed to fix the problem.

Without any fuel to cause a potential fires starting in your hood system, any fire hazards relating to a commercial kitchen are dramatically reduced and kept to a minimum should you ever be exposed to such an incident.

The safety of your customers, employees, and property are of paramount importance to you . . . and we understand and appreciate your concern. We make it our mission to ensure that we help you keep the safety of your people and property assets of paramount importance.

We are fully insured and bonded for your protection.

PINNACLE POWER SYSTEMS CLEANING, a division of Pinnacle Power Washing, LLC

“Protecting People, Property . . . and Peace of Mind Comes at No Extra Charge”

Additional Services

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PINNACLE POWER SYSTEMS CLEANING, a division of Pinnacle Power Washing, LLC, can provide and install access doors in kitchen exhaust systems in order to accomplish cleaning of inaccessible areas that may exist. Installation of these doors allow us to perform a complete “top-to-bottom” cleaning of your kitchen exhaust system and ensures that your system meets NFPA 96 Standard (7.3) 2014 Edition as they relate to access doors.

Access Door Installation


Properly installed grease collection containers on your exhaust fans are highly recommended, and actually required, as per NFPA 96 Standard ( 2014 Edition as a precautionary device to prevent grease run-off from reaching the roof. Grease, given time, will turn caustic and deteriorate roof top surfaces. This can cause leaks and other permanent damage to the roof which, in turn, can result in major repair expenses. The grease collection device will catch the grease before it reaches the roof and will be emptied by our cleaning crew each time we service your account.

LGrease Collection Boxes


PINNACLE POWER SYSTEMS CLEANING, a division of Pinnacle Power Washing, LLC, can provide and install hinge kits that attach on the kitchen exhaust fans on the roof so that the fan can be lifted and then tipped securely for proper cleaning of the fan blades and the duct immediately beneath it. Hinge Kits are required on all upblast fans as stipulated in the NFPA 96 Standard ( 2014 Edition. The installation of hinge kits greatly reduces the wear to fan motors, housings, and electrical wiring that can take place during the inspection and cleaning process.

Hinge Kits 


We can also replace your grease filters in order to replace old or broken ones that have led to gaps between the filters in the hood plenum. According to NFPA Standard 96 ( 2014 Edition, grease filters shall be arranged so that all exhaust air passes through the grease filters. As a result, there should be no visible gap in between the filters located in the hood

Filter Replacement